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Estonian startup connection: opportunities for
Ukrainian founders

27.03.2024 17.00 by Kyiv


for a special online meetup organized by the Estonian e-Residency team just for Ukrainian entrepreneurs! We’ve got a fantastic lineup to help you discover the great opportunities waiting for your startup in Estonia’s business world.


Speakers from e-Residency and Finevolution will cover topics related to company creation, international taxation, and banking in the EU, while speakers from Garage48 and Startup Wise Guys will provide information about hackathons and innovation events, mentorship, and funding opportunities to help grow your startup internationally.

Who would be interested?


For startups

For everyone who wants to start their own business


For newbie in business

Падаюча зірка

Event agenda


e-Residency & benefits for startups in Estonia

Why and how to register a company in Estonia remotely, best banking solutions for my Estonian company, navigating tax-related issues, Estonian support programs for startups

Startup Wise Guys Accelerator and VC fund


SWG success in Ukraine, why apply to a SWG acceleration programme, how to raise money from SWG, SWG Founders Club, what are some of the open calls


Garage48 hackathons and support programs

Hackathons and open innovation programmes as a gateway to the local startup community. Empowering Women entrepreneurship programme in Ukraine and Estonia - by Garage48 and Estonian Refugee Council

Interesting facts

e-Residents from Ukraine have registered 2400 companies in Estonia. There are 7000 Estonian e-residents from Ukraine

SWG has made 49 investments (total of 3,1M) in Ukrainian startups up to date

SWG has made 2 successful exits out of Ukrainian startups


Garage48 has been supporting startup founders, female entrepreneurs and the startup community in Ukraine since 2012 with hackathons and open innovation programmes

Within 5 years, more than 600 Ukrainian women have participated in the Empowering Women entrepreneurship programmes in Ukraine and Estonia


Garage48 has organized more than 250 hackathons and open innovation programmes in more than 50 countries all across the globe


Our guests

Events' partners

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The event will take place on 27/03/2024 at 17:00 on the YouTube platform. 1 day before the event, you will receive a broadcast link via email. Check spam to ensure you receive the email 100% of the time. See you there!

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